It’s a crush – Society6 –


It’s official I’m society6’s biggest stalker.

This little piece of internet heaven is where you can buy super affordable pieces of art…well the print kind at least, and trust me, I don’t mind a good print or twenty so get ready as I share my top picks…there maybe a lot of them and I will not apologize for my love of Society6 artists.

At the moment I’m sure you’ve probably guessed I’m trying to find art for my little mans room and I don’t want it to be too kiddy, I’d like him to be able to grow into the prints I pick so I don’t have to look at them when he’s 5 and be all like…”um, why? No, get that off my wall now!” But I must admit that I get a little sidetracked, so sidetracked that I basically have prints picked out for my gallery wall. Yeah, I’m super productive.

Have you guys heard of Society6 or purchased anything from them? Tell me what you think and who your favourite artist is, I’d love to know! I’d also just like to point out that not only can you get prints, you can also order things like mugs, clocks, t-shirts and RUGS! A freaking rug! Seriously! What an awesome website.

Some other great and affordable art/print websites are united artworks which stock original pieces for what I consider the starter prices. Saatchi is also another great starter, with a massive catalog of artists and finally a site we all love Etsy! You can find anything on that site and it just so happens whilst researching for this post I did find a couple prints for the little mans room. So excited!


Feature set -top of the page- by NGHBRS

I love the abstract vibe, it kind of reminds me of the movie inception. The first print of the girl is by far my favourite.


Set One by Marc Johns

These are a little more ‘kiddie’ but I think they would be so cute in a nursery. I love the saying at the bottom, very Dr.Seuss. If you can’t read them the spotty elephant one says “I’m truly surprised that we seem to get by, without polka dot elephants serving us pie.”


Set Two by Manou

I love the geometric shapes used here to create a single image, the fennic fox with the cactus is my number 1 pick. I’m sure I can find somewhere in my house for it.


Set Three by Replaceface

Just how awesome are these! I can’t explain but I’m just drawn to them. So many actors to choose from.


Set Four by Animal Crew

You’ve seen these before on my emerald baby nursery board and I still just can’t go past them.


Set Five by Becki Boos

Last but not least for the traditionalist or those chic fashionistas, you can’t go past a classic chanel bottle print.


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