Greyson’s nursery

before paint

The first coat of paint.

Let me tell you from the first lick of paint, I was worried! You see my concern from the first image right? I mean, just how many coats will these walls need! I only planned for 3 and I don’t think that’s going to cut it. What are the dark patches you ask? Oh, they’re just the parts of the wall we had to patch -excluding the big patch, that was done previous to us owning the home- and you can only see a small amount. The whole room, yes, the whole room was like someone had let loose with a pellet gun and then ran a huge jagged knife down one of the walls.
In the end there was obviously no need to worry, 4 coats later and we were best mates. The molding we put up afterwards, no. Let me give all you little DIY’ers out there hand. If you have an old brick house, chances are the walls are not going to be straight. So scrap that molding idea asap and use some washi tape…or wallpaper. Your choice. But you’ll save yourself a lot of frustration and arguments on who’s right and how to prop them up till they set. Just sayin’.

Anyway, the long wait is over, you can now stop asking me to see ‘complete’ photos of Greyson’s room! Here it is!

greyson's room

The finished product! Ok, there are a few more things to buy like books for the shelves and a few more prints…and an ottoman.

As you can see I didn’t exactly stick to my original mood board layout, but I incorporated the general style I was going for and along the way found many other neat objects and items I wanted for his room. What I didn’t realize at the time -until a close friend recently pointed it out- was that I went for a kind of American Indian/Aztec theme. All I knew I was going for was an ‘animals and woodland’ type style, nothing concrete but now I look at his room and the prints I picked as well as the bargain rug from ikea, I can see the style my friend pointed out more and more…not to mention I’m going to add some art -yes I’ve still been looking at art work, I can’t stop!- with arrows and feathers.

Pinterest is also a great source of information and ideas, which is exactly where I first saw the honeycomb shelf. Needless to say I thought it was a superb idea for Greyson’s room, lucky I have such an obliging husband to knock a few up for me. He also whipped up the ladder you see in the photos and converted the ikea strandmon chair into a rocking chair. What a bloke.

My favourite item and the first print I bought was actually the horses print you see above his cot and because he’s born in the year of the horse. I’ve always liked the Chinese zodiac, I don’t know what it is but I just like it. My favourite animal is also a horse and it reminds me of my horses from my childhood.

So, what do you guys think? Anything missing, something else I should have done? Besides the ottoman I’m currently looking for…



greyson's room 2

DSC06482yes (2)

A few little friends, I would say from the forest but… Hello Mr. Elephant.


The clock and shoes we used in his birth announcement, you can find it on my instagram page hayley_dandp


greyson's room 3

My little man fast asleep and snug as a bug under his handmade quilt from Me and Jakk.

And just because, here are a few more ‘work in progress’ photos.

The "how about here....or here" pose and below the "ha, ha, it's done"

The “how about here….or here” pose and below the “ha! ha! it’s done, now look at the fancy light on my drill”

mo and print

The cute little mustache draw handles I found on Etsy, some prints from Marisa Redondo from Riverluna (also on Etsy) and tree of life (The incredibly detailed offset lithograph print represents the rings of a tree, which come to life with the minuscule silhouettes of thousands of animals. Designed by the artists at degree.


One thought on “Greyson’s nursery

  1. thats a seriously bold colour on the walls. id be so scared to try that for a nursery but it looks fantastic! I’m a huge fan of the rug, i just did a whole board on pinterest with monochrome themed stuff! obsessed with it :)

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