Egg-cellent & Bunny bloom -Gradient-


I love a good gradient, its even better when they turn out more good-looking than you thought it would.

I’ve done a few gradients in the past but never any with glitter in them, so I really had no idea how this would turn out or even if it would be smooth enough, or even if the glitter pieces would transfer properly. Well the glitter was fine and turns out I picked the best colours for a watermelon inspired gradient with little ‘black seeds’. Man I love watermelon.

Anyway, I found these last two from ulta3’s Easter collection to be the best. Smooth application -quite a bit runnier than any of the others- and the perfect amount of black speckles. Plenty of blackΒ  speckles actually. I’m also loving these colours, they’re almost like a pastel neon -can you even have pastel neon colours?- the bunny bloom in particular is my favourite out of all these speckled polishes.

Perhaps I’ll try a 4 polish gradient next time or even a 6. Yeah, a 6 polish gradient. Let’s see how that goes.







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