Sea picnic -Gradient-

pallet play

I’m really loving me some gradient nails right now, I guess it’s because I have so many polishes to swatch and it’s easy for me to ‘to birds one stone’ it if you will.

So this one is called sea picnic because it reminds me both of the sea and picnics by the sea with good mates. Pretty obvious huh, well that’s what my lovely husband thought too.

Here I used 3 polishes from Ulta3’s colour game collection; block it out, emerald intern-city and palette play. All super beautiful colours that had a great flow for even and smooth coverage.

Once again I used a triangle makeup sponge, painted the 3 colours of choice in thin-ish stripes and dabbed it -repeating for each coat you would usually paint- onto my pre base coated and glue rimmed nails. Once dried I simply peeled the glue off from my around my fingers and my tidy up job was virtually done. Thankyou Pinterest. If you haven’t tried this technique yet, give it a go. It’s pretty damn easy.


pallet playDSC06572yespallet play


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