Tone it up & bright me -Gradient-

bright me

I know, I know, enough already with the gradients! Sorry guys, I can’t help it. I just love looking at the results and it’s a super easy nail art to do, especially if you’re using craft glue around your nails for easy clean up. I’ve also included a photo of how I paint my gradients, just in case you all wanted to give it a go too.

These last two polishes from ulta3’s colour game collection were an obvious choice for another gradient, this time a more subtle gradient. They are both quite transparent and almost jelly like, so I used 4/5 coats -or dabs, whatever- to achieve opaqueness and topped each off with a coat of seche vite.

My camera had quite a hard time capturing or differentiating between the two shades, I think mainly because they are both such bright colours. Maybe. That’s why -just in case you’re wondering- my hands look so white, that and it was bloody cold here this morning and of course I’m as pale as an albino.



1. Paint around your nail beds with craft glue and let dry. 2. Paint strokes of your chosen colours making sure you re-paint after every dab onto your nail bed. 3. This is after one dab, so don’t panic if it’s not opaque straight way. 4. The fun part! Peel off glue and use acetone and a paint brush for any other clean up.

tone it up, bright me

tone it up, bright me



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