Sugar coated racing stripes

sugar coated

Well these babies took me a ridiculously long time to accomplish, one hand whilst Greyson was napping and then the other when his dad got home after work and I remembered I had another hand to complete.

I used normal glitter on some double sided sticky tape, cut a thick strip and thin strip and them simply stuck them onto my slightly wet base coat. I finished everything off with a whopping 4 coats of seche vite ultra v -it has to be cured under uv light-  mainly because I didn’t want it to be all ‘bumpy’. Thinking back I should have just used one coat of shellac…Oh well.

It was easy enough to use double sided sticky tape but next time I think I’m going to try painting stripes of craft glue thick enough to act as a sticker. I think I’ll try some other solid colour too and have a crazy nail party.


racing stripes

racing stripes

good glitter shot


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