My cherry amour

my cherry amour

Well, well, well look what I got my pretty little nails on. Finally a reasonably price for Nicole by OPI, just pop into your local target store for a small collection. Good news is they also seem to be pretty up to date with collections as I also grabbed a nice pink shade from the Carrie Underwood collection.

I’ve been after gumdrops for a while now, well, since their first release. So happy days!

My cherry amour is a lovely burgundy/deep cherry red colour. Almost the shade of red wine really. Unfortunately it didn’t sparkle quite as much as I was hoping it was going to. The bottle is very deceiving that way but then again a quick top coat would fix that problem and that is probably the main reason I love these rough textured polishes. You want an accent finger? Sure, it’s as easy as adding a top coat.

Have you tried out textured polishes? What’s your favourite brand? I love the look of Zoya pixie dust’s and am dying to try some.


P.s. Bonus photo of my little man Greyson.


my cherry amour





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