Art you ready!


See what I did there? Eh, eh, pretty good with the puns aren’t I!

I actually hoped to have 2 more to show you but as my husbands drop-saw’s blade is blunt, you’ll just have to wait a few more days!

These abstract paintings are actually based off of Google earth images such as an inlet, plankton blooming and the Coorong here in South Australia. These photos were quite hard to take as the medium I use is essentially a water based resin that is light fast and very shiny. I use it in conjunction with ink that I mix by hand so not one colour is ever usually the same…apart from a fluke! I’m still discovering better techniques and mediums to use and can’t wait to show you some more.

As you’ll see there is one board that is quite obviously different in colour choice to the others and this was my first attempt at how I now produce these paintings -pssst…It’s the green and cream one- they are all one of a kind as there is no way I could ever replicate how the paint flows. I will be doing 2 more that will tie the green piece in with this collection.

All art is for sale and just in time for christmas! The paintings are all square measuring at 60cm each side and are all priced at $200 each. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in purchasing a piece or are after some custom colours and sizes. Anything can be arranged, I’m always up for a challenge!


stagnate water

Oil spill at the inlet

plankton blooming

Just as a quick side note; please be aware all monitors are different and some colours may not be accurately represented. Thanks for viewing.


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