Pop art

pop art

Such a pretty little colour, don’t you think?!

Ulta3 make such pretty nail polishes, so, so many pretty nail polishes. Have you seen their advent calenders this year? I mean, why shouldn’t adults have advent calenders? They also have candy canes…minus the candy and insert more nail polish!

I don’t remember what collection pop art is from because I got it a while back now and I have a tonne -literally- of polishes to swatch. I have to say I’m getting very lazy with my nails lately, but they’ve started to improve! So hurrah!

Anyway, I’ve been looking at lots of fashion lately and I am in desperate need of a fashion most wanted board before I go out and spend all our money! So expect one very soon.

Virtual window shopping is a blessing and a cruel torture. Sometimes I add heaps of things to my “cart” and then find myself wondering ‘where are the clothes I bought online? Oh, wait. I didn’t actually buy them.’ Damn you virtual window shopping!

pop art
pop art


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