Resin dreaming

Resin necklaces

3 more resin necklaces for you lovely people!
I love resin, it’s so much fun. It’s ridiculously hard to work with or control and you have to be as quick as lightning but still, so much fun. I’m not going to lie though, I’ve had a few bungled pieces but no where near as much as I thought I would. Hooray!

These lovely little creatures are all $30 each -shipping is extra- like the last lot, chain length is 55cm and just in case you missed the last ones, these are 4 inches wide and 2 inches long. I don’t have any one modelling my little pretties but I’ll do my best in the next few weeks/month to get my lovely friends to model them for me…. or force them to. Either way I’ll get the shots!

I’ll be entering a few art shows coming up in the next few months too, so I can’t wait to get painting! Giant circles come at me!

I just want to mention quickly too, that all necklaces are one of a kind. They can literally not be recreated, it’s virtually -unless you happen to be a giant robot with precision pouring and an ability to cure resin quickly…- impossible. #justsayin’








3 resin one of a kind resin necklaces

3 resin one of a kind resin necklaces


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