Most wanted: Winter wardrobe

Like everyone else I’ve got a few mvp’s in my wardrobe, but when it comes to winter everyone immediately turns to coats, jeans and knits. Not me my friends in retail, I would literally roast in our stores. I have really no need to buy any more coats or knits because I work indoors. While I know it’s cold outside it’s often ridiculously hot indoors, so with that in mind; these are going to be my mvp’s this winter.

So, I’ve got a confession. I have a vest -gilet, puffer vest, quilted vest, call them what you want- problem. Currently I have a plain black quilted vest, a caramel quilted vest, a grey knitted vest and a cream patterned vest in my rotation.

I cannot get enough of them either! I want the herringbone grey one from j.crew, a chambray coloured one, number 4 on my board from seed and I want just about every other one I’ve come across… and I have no idea why I’ve suddenly become so obsessed with them. Is it because I’m a mum? Do mum’s everywhere have a secret vest obsession? I swear I wear one everyday. Someone help me!

But enough of my unhealthy obsession; my little winter mood-board here is a good example of an interchangeable wardrobe. Everything here can be mixed and matched, not only with each other but with 90% of my current wardrobe too and I cannot stress enough how important that is. Why? Because I am the worst impulse shopper!
This is literally my conversation with myself when I shop:
Oh that’s a cute top….
Hmm, yeah that’s a nice colour…….
Oh look how cute this print is!
Prrrrrriiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnntttttttttt. I need this!
This is the most amazing print I’ve ever seen.
Ugh, boring.
Look at this print!!! Oh and it’s cute, it’s little cherries/flowers/geometric shapes…
Happy pants! They would look so cool with a white top……….that I don’t have..

You see my problem?

I recommend creating a mood-board if you have trouble visualizing new outfits or even just remembering what you have in your robe to mix and match. Or if you’re like me and struggle with impulse buying, having a mood-board will help cement in your mind what you need in your arsenal and what you most definitely don’t need.


winter wardrobe 2015

One. David Lawrence/ Two. Sportsgirl/ Three. David Lawrence/ Four. Seed heritage/ Five. Seed heritage/ Six. Sportsgirl/ Seven. 3.1 Phillip lim as seen on polyvore/ Eight. Sportsgirl


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