Sweet as a peach


It seems lately that I’m surrounded by little baby girls, everyone I know -or for that matter meet- says they’re expecting a girl and on top of that I’ve been itching to make another nursery mood board. So I did.

Personally I’m obsessed with peach right now so why wouldn’t I use it in a room? As a bit of a side bonus, when I was stalking away on instagram I came across a couple of beautiful city-scape artworks that I thought would go beautifully within the nursery I was dreaming of. They’re from my other favourite website to stalk; etsy. You can see the rest of Laura Amiss’ lovely artwork here.

While we’re on the etsy bandwagon I came across these little hoop arts/embroidery pieces. They’re a little more grown up looking than your typical nursery art, but I like that about them.
I love that hoop art is making a huge come back, so many different ideas; like dream catchers using doilies or string, heavily embroidered texture-scapes or simple and elegant line works with a focal point.
I also love weaving. Have you seen some of the incredible talented weavers out there? No? I suggest you look at #weaving next time you’re on instagram. You will not be disappointed.

I love designing mood-boards! So much fun.

sweet as a peach

One. Beacon lighting/ Two. Laura Amiss print/ Three. Under the oak tree weaving/ Four. Large bunny toy (So giant! I love it!)/ Five. Oeuf cot/ Six. Gold fleck hide/ Seven. Laura Amiss print/ Eight. House frames/ Nine. Matt Blatt/ Ten. Hoop embrodiery art/ Eleven. Bedside table.


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