Wardrobe reboot

So I’ve literally just thrown out about 3/4 of my wardrobe because I finally realized I wear the same items over and over and over and ovvvvvvvveeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr. If I didn’t wear it, it was probably because I had a slight obsession with prints and often bought them before I had a proper chance to think though the other items said item would work with in my wardrobe.

Basically, I staged my own intervention.
I, Hayley Reid hereby swear I will only buy items that are basic or deemed versatile. I will NO LONGER impulse buy and will work to build my wardrobe staples.

Now I know last fashion post I said the items I picked would mix and match into 90% of my current wardrobe…… yeah, that’s still true. It sounds so sad because I literally kept 3 basic shirts, a couple dresses, 2 pairs of jeans, a chino pant, 3 shorts, a handful of dressier shirts in basic colours and numerous jackets….and vests too, oh and longline cardigans. Probably some other things too; but shh, don’t tell anyone.

Whats in your wardrobe? Do you have items you wear all the time like I do, probably. I can’t even tell you what made me suddenly realize that I have certain basic clothing. I can tell you than whatever it was opened my eyes and I’m feeling better in myself and my clothing choices already.
Perhaps it’s time for you to purge your wardrobe. Be decisive, be harsh and realistic. I won’t lie, it was hard but also extremely gratifying.


basic update

One. Jeanswest (all my jeans come from jeanswest, their curve id are the best fit) Two. Target/ Three. JAG/ Four. Fashion BNKR/ Five. Current elliot (mine are old jeanswest)/ Six. Bardot/ Seven. Similar here/ Eight. Sportsgirl (sold out) similar here/ Nine. Spendless shoes/ Ten. Jo Mercer 


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