Work wardrobe. -January edition-

January has certainly been and gone, I closed my eyes for a single second and when I opened them it was nearly May! I can hardly believe we’re almost half way through 2016. I can’t even tell you what I’ve been doing since January, I suspect I was sleeping.

So anyway; this was my January work selection. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before that I generally only -try- to buy once every three months. I find it’s helping me to define my style as well as getting a lot more use out of my existing wardrobe and clearing it’s saving me money.

I went a bit stripe crazy in January, mainly replacing the shirts I had previously worn out. Stripes after having then for a while tend to not bleed out, but more like fuzz out. They never stay that nice crisp straight lines when you wear them as much as I do.

My best purchase from January was the waterfall gilet from witchery -far left- it’s super easy to slap it on with anything!
Second best….. the abstract shift dress from country road. If you find one of these still in a store, do yourself a favour and snap it up. It is THE best dress I have ever owned. Comfy, flattering, for me the sleeve length was an absolute winner and you can wear it to a casual event or -like me- to a wedding.


witchery cr feb

All items purchased from Witchery or Country Road. Most items still available. 


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