Most wanted: Casual days

Soooooooo, all this rain has me thinking about warmer days, comfort, sunshine… just a lovely mid- temperature clear-ish relaxing day. You know?

Lighter and brighter clothing, stuff that’s going to go the distance.
I’ve had the linen long sleeve t-shirts on the right from country road before and I need to refresh them asap, the white toggle jacket? Yeah, it’s light weight and will literally go with ANYTHING I throw on. Trust me…. I may already have one in a mustard colour, yeah. I wear it, probably too much.

I’m loving all these shirt dresses witchery is bringing out with the tie waist. Yes people, these are my dresses! Bow down mums everywhere, these are the dresses you throw on and look like you’ve got your s#*! together.
I have a check one from country road that I looove! Give me all the dresses people!

I’ve also re-found another brand that I love. It’s really just a bunch of good quality basic styles that you can mix and match with everything else in your wardrobe. The brand? Decjuba go there, add everything to cart. No regrets. Including the sneakers.





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