Hello friendly stalker,

Don’t you just love finding out more about the person behind the blog? It’s like sneaky stalking but……not. Well kinda.

So down to business, here’s the dirty on your’s truly;

I live in South Australia, Australia.


My husband and I have 2 lovely dogs with completely different personalities. One is scared of everything (Jazz) and the other is just an in your face attention seeking ratbag (Indie). We also have 2 cats one fluffy (Molly), one not (Bella) and they’re all from animal shelters cause that’s just how we roll.

We also own an itty bitty human called Greyson, who we’ve managed to keep alive since May 2014; HOORAY!! He is the cutest kid on planet earth and a big ole’ bag o’ beans! We love him to bit and pieces.

I have expensive taste and everyone let’s me know this on a daily basis. It’s a knack, what can I say?



Want to know more? Sure, just ask :)




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